Watch live: Think 2021 reinvents the digital experience as IBM powers hybrid cloud with automation



As businesses take stock after the transformation panic overnight, they see a post-COVID business world that looks very different from its pre-pandemic incarnation. Remote operations and the need to react quickly to changing economic conditions have made cloud computing essential to the survival of modern businesses.

Adapt the means embrace hybrid cloud. But smoothly transitioning from a legacy or pure cloud environment to one where applications and data are dispersed across multiple clouds, on-premises, and even in devices at the edge, is a difficult task.

It is the backdrop of Think 2021 Event. Scheduled to be held virtually in a series of sessions, workshops, learning opportunities and networking sessions, the conference will be held on May 11 in the Americas and May 12 for Africa, the Asia region. Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. With a focus on success in the digital economy, the conference will highlight real use cases of hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence in business. During the event, theCUBE, the live streaming studio of SiliconANGLE Media will discuss the future of hybrid cloud and AI and how it becomes the foundation for a smarter business as the industry navigates digital transformation, automation and modernization. (* Disclosure below.)

“Think 2021 is the most creative, inspiring and comprehensive digital experience we’ve ever created, and we’re excited to share it.” Erin McElroy, told theCUBE, program manager, digital and event innovation at IBM. “Any business owner, executive, technical professional or developer will come back from Think with new perspectives, strategies, a larger network and community. Think Academy attendees will receive thousands of dollars in valuable training and knowledge for technical professionals. “

Hybrid Cloud is the Convenient Cloud Model for Managing Modern Workloads

IBM has been carving its own path towards a hybrid identity for more than a decade. In the early 2000s, the company invested $ 1 billion under open source Linux, contributing to the creation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) a performance leader for critical computing. Since then, IBM has invested heavily in research and do strategic acquisitions that have taken it from traditional technology to a leader in open source, hybrid and artificial intelligence.

“The world is going to move towards containers, the world has already adopted Linux, and now is the time to have a new architecture that embraces the hybrid”, Arvind krishna, Chairman and CEO of IBM, says theCUBE in 2019.

The prediction has come true today, with a Fall 2020 survey Noting that 91% of enterprises use Kubernetes to orchestrate containers; and the demand for cross-platform agility makes hybrid cloud a default strategy.

“This hybrid reality occurs in most organizations,” said Jo Petersen, member of the Forbes Technology Council and vice president of cloud and security at Clarify360, at a recent enterprise technology event. “Their actual IT portfolios include a mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructure, and we’re seeing this blurry line happening between the public cloud and the traditional data center. Customers want a bridge that easily connects one environment to the other environment, and they want end-to-end visibility. ”

Hybrid links, AI brings intelligence

If hybrid cloud is one aspect of successful businesses in the digital world, then AI is the other. Hybrid cloud connects different public and private cloud environments, on-premises infrastructure and edge locations. This allows seamless access to applications and data wherever they are. Add artificial intelligence to the mix and an organization can streamline operations through automation, improved employee efficiency, increased security, faster access to information and more. insight into the data and spotlight potential problems before they affect the business.

“AI-enabled automation is the next wave of data management tools,” John santaferraro, research director at Enterprise Management Associates, told CUBE. “Vendors who excel at using AI and ML in their analytics, business intelligence, and data management platforms will create meaningful differentiation and barriers to entry that will change the way businesses information is accessible, provided and processed. In addition, companies that invest in these platforms will also experience an acceleration in informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage. “

IBM Think 2021 offers action plan for organizational renaissance in hybrid cloud

Many organizations already know that intelligent hybrid cloud is the key to success in digital business. But rapid adoption has led to hybrid strategies that involve a haphazard assortment of cloud and smart solutions from a mishmash of vendors. Instead, businesses need to move towards a streamlined, cohesive hybrid cloud strategy with built-in AI that identifies the most critical issues and provides real-time data analysis.

As a traditional company that has already embarked on its digital journey and embraced the hybrid model, IBM is well positioned to lead others. And Think 2021 is the place to find knowledge about hybrid cloud and AI use cases and learning opportunities. The event brings together IBM’s knowledge pool of industry experts together as thought leaders and business strategists to provide a road map to create a more inclusive, efficient and intelligent environment. ecologically sustainable and thriving business thanks to a cloud model that encompasses hybrid and AI / ML Think 2021 attendees should expect an experience unlike any previous conference, according to Colleen Bisconti, VP of IBM’s World Conferences and Events, who recently spoke to theCUBE about the event.

“We have completely redesigned the digital experience for attendees, creating an immersive experience where there is deep engagement with all attendees,” she said. “We have created a variety of technical and business-grade content on a wide range of topics, with five hours of personalized and engaging programming and interactive digital experiences. Along the way, our attendees will also have fun with brain breaks and entertainment when not networking with their peers. “

IBM Think Livestream

IBM Think is a live broadcast event, with additional interviews to be broadcast on theCUBE. You can register here to access the live event. In addition, you can watch the CUBE interviews here on request after the live event.

How to watch CUBE interviews

We provide several ways for you to watch live coverage of IBM Think, including the CUBE dedicated website and Youtube channel. You can also get all the coverage of this year’s events at Silicon ANGLE.

TheCUBE Insights Podcast

SiliconANGLE also offers podcasts of archived interview sessions, available on itunes, Stitcher, and Spotify, which you can enjoy on the go.


Guests who will be interviewed on theCUBE during IBM Think include Jim Whitehurst, president of IBM; Rob Thomas, senior vice president of software, cloud and data platform; Seth Dobrin, Global Director of AI; Brian Hoffmann, COO of Global Financing; Andrew Coward, general manager of software-defined networks; and Robin Hernandez, vice president of hybrid cloud management and Watson AIOps.

TheCUBE will also meet with Kumaran Siva, Vice President of Strategic Business Development at Advanced Micro Devices; Caroline Cappell, Research Director at Analysys Mason; and Mirko Novakovic, Managing Director of Instana.

Other CUBE guests include Cameron Art of IBM, CEO of AT&T; Ed Lynch, vice president of Business Automation; Madhu Kochar, vice president of offer management, data and AI; and Jerry Cuomo, colleague, vice president and director of automation technology at IBM.

Stay tuned for a full list of speakers.

(* Disclosure: TheCUBE is a paid media partner for IBM Think. Neither IBM, the event coverage sponsor of theCUBE, nor other sponsors have editorial control over the content on theCUBE or SiliconANGLE.)

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