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Governor Kate Brown speaks at a rally promoting carbon cap legislation.

Salem-based May Trucking Company was one of five Pacific Northwest trucking companies to win a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency award for helping reduce pollution and being fuel efficient. energy.

The company, along with A&M Transport, Doug Andrus Distributing in Idaho, and LTI, Inc. and System Transport, Inc. in Washington, won the EPA SmartWay Award of Excellence at a ceremony Wednesday and are among the “most fuel-efficient carriers” in the industry, according to a EPA press releasese.

“For 17 years, the SmartWay Transport Partnership has worked with stakeholders in the freight industry to find innovative ways to reduce pollution caused by the movement of goods,” said Sarah Dunham, director of the Bureau of Transportation and EPA Air Quality, in the release. “We salute the innovation, dynamism and collaborative spirit of our partners whose efforts are helping to meet the challenge of climate change and create a healthier environment for all of us. “

Through its SmartWay transportation partnership, the EPA is helping freight companies be as energy efficient as possible, according to the press release.

Smart way The partners have avoided emitting more than 143 million tonnes of CO2, 2.7 million tonnes of nitrogen oxides polluting the air and 112,000 tonnes of particulate matter since 2004. During this time, this has helped saving $ 44.8 billion in fuel costs and 335 million barrels of oil, “the equivalent of eliminating annual energy use in more than 21 million homes,” according to the press release.

-Ardeshir Tabrizian

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