Tony La Russa’s sudden departure before the match is not clearer afterwards

The White Sox rarely behave like a normal, rational team when hiring and firing managers, so when the Sox announced shortly before Tuesday’s game that Tony La Russa would be out “under the direction of his doctors”, wondering about ulterior motives felt pragmatic as he did tasteless. We were trained to have our heads on swivels.

La Russa and other White Sox managers have already missed games for various reasons without press releases or video board announcements, and La Russa was at the park doing business as usual in the hours leading up to the change in plans. , so the change carried an unusual air about it.

But no available White Sox members had any details after the game. In fact, Lucas Giolito and Gavin Sheets said they discovered it like everyone else:

“I didn’t know much about it until I saw it on the dashboard when I went there,” starter Lucas Giolito said, referring to the announcement that was posted on guaranteed rate field video screen.

“Just social media,” outfielder Gavin Sheets said of how he found out. “We go there ready to play a game. It doesn’t change our preparation or anything. We wanted to get a win for Miggy.

It’s odd that the White Sox didn’t break this news to the White Sox before telling the public, but the suddenness, sensitivity and gravity of the situation could have made any messaging plan flawed. The potential seriousness of the news makes any further speculation unwise.

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Given the length of Lucas Giolito’s struggle, you wouldn’t expect him to have any answers to the struggles that took place on Tuesday night, but I’m curious what that means, if any:

“I feel a little stronger. Just a bit healthier in general. And I feel like I let go of some of the frustration. A little too much experimentation heading into the season and at the start. So it’s back to basics. I’m just gonna try to control what I can control. It’s my preparation, and when I’m out there, it’s trusting my stuff and being confident, and that’s it.

The former White Sox director of strength and conditioning doesn’t seem bitter that the White Sox are letting him go after the 2021 season, but he can probably feel validated about the quality of his work while watching the Sox this season. . He said he had never heard of a no fuss directive before and that the lack of contact during the offseason with players who are at risk of repeated injuries due to the lockdown could be part of it.

Dylan Cease’s two closest competitors in the AL Cy Young race are both missing time, although neither injury is expected to be serious.

With shorter starts but the number of relievers capped by the roster and option limits, teams are wrestling with how to handle fatigue. The White Sox are ninth in baseball in consecutive appearances with 74, but they’ve had just one pitcher for three straight days, reflecting their limit.

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