The right skills urgently needed to fuel the digital economy



Australian organizations cannot import the digital skills they need for the foreseeable future. We need to focus on training people with the right skills for the times we live in and for the future.

Make no mistake, the future is digital.

Digital dividends: retailers in a pandemic world

According to data from Salesforce’s Commerce platform, Australian shoppers at the height of the pandemic in Australia last year contributed to a 95% increase in e-commerce transactions, with digital growth continuing at a rate of 58% in the first three months of this year. .

Retailers who had convenient, omnichannel and transparent online experiences captured the majority of these transactions.

Often, it’s the retailers further along the digital journey that have been able to pivot faster and capture more revenue online.

A good example is Living Edge, which launched its site on our Commerce Cloud technology with 20% more product listings than before and a more engaging and inspiring browsing experience.

In the first month of going live, the site’s conversion rate was 290% higher than the average for the previous three months. This translated into an 82% increase in revenue.

Customer Experience Expectations Rise for Governments

Never before have Australians relied so much on digital government services. Telehealth and QR code recordings have become the norm for many. Our recently published study with Boston Consulting Group found that 39% of Australian customers said services had improved and 52% said their trust in government services had increased since 2020 based on the overall quality of digital services. .

Australians trust government capabilities more, with 62% of customers believing that digital government services would be greatly improved if they were tailored to specific customer situations.

To fuel new personalized services, customers expect investment in the right skills to be essential.

Success From Anywhere for Employees

Salesforce’s Success From Anywhere model is about succeeding together in a people-centric, digital-centric environment.

Everyone can finally work where, when and how it will have the most impact. This means whether at home, in the office or on site with a client, our employees have what they need to get the job done.

When employees walk into the office,, our suite of products for the new hybrid world of work, helps them access their workspace seamlessly. Employees use to complete the required health certificates on a daily basis to schedule office hours. It also means we can manage capacity and avoid issues like elevator bottlenecks.

Assess the extent of the skills gap

To fuel all of these amazing experiences and results, we need talented people. People capable of imagining and reinventing how to live in a digital world. These people are rare.

According to RMIT and Deloitte Access Economics, Australia will need 156,000 new technology workers over the next four years to meet job demand.

In a recent YouGov survey commissioned by Salesforce, one in 10 business leaders said that reducing the digital skills gap in their organization was low. Seventy-nine percent of executives surveyed said there are barriers within their companies that prevent them from learning additional digital skills.

The path to follow

Meeting the skills challenge will require cooperation between governments, businesses and the tech industry.

We need to encourage more Australians to retrain with the right incentives. We need to support industry initiatives like Skill Finder, which make it easier to find learning and retraining programs.

We need to support small businesses with tax incentives and subsidies to encourage digitization and the development of new skills.

Free online platforms, like Salesforce’s Trailhead, which offer modular training for in-demand digital skills, need to play a bigger role in preparing people for the next step in their careers.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but with the right skills we will trigger a digital boom for our economy.

Ian McAdam is Commercial Director of Salesforce Australia.


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