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Even if you haven’t heard of the Designer Economy, if you’re connected to the internet, you’ve probably met it.

Broadly speaking, the creator economy represents the influencers and social media creators who monetize their content online – from fashion bloggers to live streaming players – and the businesses built around those creators.

About 50 million people around the world consider themselves creators, with the majority – around 46.7 million – claiming to be amateurs, according to one. report by venture capital firm Signalfire.

Matt Kirschner, executive vice president of social media influencer marketing agency Talent Relations, said he views a creator as a professional if one can consistently maintain and increase his income through his contents. Kirschner said it was a 24 hour job for these creators.

“They plan their content shoots, find the best lighting, the best locations, the content interesting or catchy,” Kirschner said. “They work on their captions to attract you and engage you, they also engage with their fans and followers and sometimes with their detractors as well.”

Among the traditional platforms creators use to reach audiences like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, there are newer platforms designed specifically for creators like Patreon and Substack subscription services.

It’s a lucrative and growing industry – business analysis company CB Insights grossed $ 1.3 billion raised by creator-focused companies in 2021 alone.

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