The Canadian community of digital identity leaders has over 100 members


TORONTO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Governments and businesses across Canada are seizing the opportunities offered by digital ID to provide secure, trusted and privacy-friendly digital services to enable Canadians to transact online efficiently and secure. As the Canadian community of digital ID leaders from the public and private sectors, DIACC is pleased to welcome Canadian Center for Cyber ​​Security, City of Toronto, Deloitte, the Province of Quebec, and VISA as members.

“Today, more than ever, our communities, businesses and citizens look to the leaders of DIACC to help them provide a robust, secure and trusted digital ID ecosystem that works for all Canadians. Our economy depends on it, ”said David Nikolejsin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DIACC.

“We are delighted to welcome this new cohort of members from the public and private sectors to DIACC,” said Joni Brennan, President of DIACC. “With over 100 members, including the Government of Canada, provincial governments, municipal governments, financial institutions, telecommunications companies, technology companies, consulting firms, SMEs, university partners, international organizations and nonprofits, DIACC is the largest and most inclusive digital community of ID leaders. ”

“When DIACC was born nearly a decade ago, it was a small group of passionate public and private sector organizations committed to creating economic opportunities for Canadian consumers and businesses while protecting and promoting Canadian values ​​and perspectives in the digital economy, ”said Eros Spadotto, EVP, Telus.

“Building on the vision of the founding members, the nonprofit DIACC coalition has grown to over 100 leaders from the private and public sectors working together to establish an interoperable ecosystem that Canadians can use with confidence Added Robert Devries, Assistant Deputy Minister. Platforms, Ontario Digital Service.

In 2020, the DIACC made this vision a reality with the launch of the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework™, a robust, privacy-friendly trust framework shaped by Canadian values ​​that enables a trusted digital identity and provides clear guidelines on digital interoperability.

Recent research from DIACC underscores the desire and expectation of Canadians for secure, reliable and convenient digital transactions – a desire that has increased due to the pandemic.

“From receiving emergency benefits in the event of a pandemic, ensuring health records are accurate, and helping children and youth with online education, there are many ways whose secure digital ID is essential to the functioning of daily life during a pandemic – and beyond, ”added CJ Ritchie, CIO of the Government of British Columbia.

According to DIACC search, the majority of Canadians believe it is important for federal and provincial governments to act quickly to enable digital identification in a safe and secure manner, according to the survey. It also shows that collaboration between governments and the private sector continues to be seen as the best approach to creating a pan-Canadian digital ID framework.

With the addition of these new members and growing demand from Canadians, it is clear that there is no better time for governments and businesses to invest in making digital ID a public policy priority. national.


DIACC is a not-for-profit coalition of public and private sector leaders committed to developing a Canadian digital identification and authentication framework to enable Canada to participate fully and securely in the global digital economy. DIACC was created as a result of the Federal Government Payments System Review Task Force and its members include representatives from the federal and provincial levels of government as well as leaders from the private sector.

Quotes from new members

VISA – Kolin Whitley

“The future of digital commerce will provide a better user experience without sacrificing strong and proactive fraud prevention. VISA is proud to join DIACC and contribute to the development of an interoperable ecosystem for digital identities that will contribute to Canada’s continued success in the global digital economy.

CCCS – Eric Bisaillon

“The Canadian Center for Cyber ​​Security (within CSE) is Canada’s national cyber security authority and leads the government’s response to cyber security events. We are pleased to join DIACC where we will continue to work side by side with industry partners to solve Canada’s most complex cyber problems and make our country a safer place for the Internet.

Deloitte Canada – Esther Dryburgh

At Deloitte, we believe that a strong digital identity ecosystem will be the foundation of Canada’s future economy. We are excited to join other like-minded organizations from the public and private sectors at DIACC to advance this vision in a way that results in benefits for all Canadians.

City of Toronto – Rohit Singla, Director, Digital Trust, Office Of The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

“Citizens rely on their government to make the services they depend on safe and reliable. As the CISO division of the City of Toronto, our mission is to lead innovative solutions, including the formation of the first digital trust and cyber diplomacy teams in a Canadian municipality, to better protect the interests of citizens. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with other DIACC members to explore solutions that best meet the needs of Torontonians.

Government of Quebec – Pierre Rodrigue

“To promote the emergence of the economy of tomorrow, we need a secure, user-friendly and interoperable digital identity. The Government of Quebec has made it a priority to ensure that all citizens and businesses in Quebec can conduct safe and secure online transactions, and we look forward to working with other DIACC members to advance this priority.

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