Synopsys PrimeSim Continuum accelerates the design of hyperconverged integrated circuits


Article from: Synopsys Inc.

Synopsys’ PrimeSim Continuum solution accelerates the creation and approval of hyper-convergent designs.

At its SNUG World International User Conference, Synopsys Inc. launched the PrimeSim Continuum solution, a unified workflow for circuit simulation technologies to accelerate the creation and approval of hyper-converged designs.

PrimeSim Continuum, a foundation of the Synopsys custom design platform, is built on next-generation SPICE and FastSPICE architectures and is the industry’s only proven GPU acceleration technology providing design teams with 10X runtime improvements with a precision of golden approval. PrimeSim Continuum presents an all-in-one solution comprised of leading simulation engines including PrimeSim SPICE, PrimeSim Pro, PrimeSim HSPICE and PrimeSim XA. The PrimeWave design environment provides a seamless simulation experience around all PrimeSim engines with comprehensive analysis, improved productivity and ease of use.

“Synopsys is committed to enabling the future of technological innovation by continually pushing the limits of performance in analog, mixed-signal, memory and digital design automation. PrimeSim Continuum represents a revolutionary breakthrough in circuit simulation innovation with heterogeneous compute acceleration on GPU / CPU, setting a new bar for EDA solutions, ”said Sassine Ghazi, COO at Synopsys. “Our customers from all design segments can now benefit from years of investment in R&D, innovation and collaboration with customers with next-generation PrimeSim Continuum technologies that complement our modern custom design platform and our verification continuum. “

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Today’s hyper-converged SoCs consist of larger and faster on-board memories, analog front-end devices, and complex I / O circuitry that communicate at data rates of 100 Gb + with the DRAM stack connected to it. the same piece of silicon in a package system design. These challenges associated with verifying these complex designs evolve as advanced technology process nodes exhibit increased noise, process variability, and reduced margins. This translates into more simulations with longer run times and greater accuracy, which impacts the overall time to results, the quality of the results, and the cost of the results. PrimeSim Continuum addresses the systemic complexity of these hyper-converging designs with a unified workflow of approval-grade simulation engines tuned for digital-to-analog, mixed-signal, RF, and custom memory designs. PrimeSim Continuum uses next-generation SPICE and FastSPICE architectures and heterogeneous computing to optimize CPU and GPU resource utilization and improve time to results and the cost of results.

“Kioxia memory designs incorporate complex systems consisting of custom memory, analog, mixed-signal and digital blocks that require different design and approval technologies. A workflow converged around a common circuit simulation solution is necessary to meet our time to results and cost of results goals, ”said Shigeo (Jeff) Ohshima, Technology Executive, SSD Application Engineering at Kioxia Corp. “Synopsys PrimeSim Continuums is an all-in-one solution that integrates the best SPICE and FastSPICE technologies providing precision, speed and capacity for our complex designs. The PrimeWave design environment provides a common workflow across all simulation disciplines enabling the approval of Kioxia memory designs. Effective collaboration and access to next-generation technologies are fundamental to our partnership with Synopsys. “

The Synopsys PrimeSim Pro simulator, an essential part of PrimeSim Continuum, represents a next-generation FastSPICE architecture for fast, high-capacity analysis of modern DRAM and Flash memory designs.

“The relentless scalability of technology and innovations around the DRAM architecture have resulted in larger and more complex memory designs requiring higher performance and simulation capacity,” said Jung Yun Choi, vice president of the memory design technology team at Samsung Electronics. “Synopsys PrimeSim Pro, the next generation of our record FastSPICE simulator plan, can deliver up to 5 times the performance acceleration over our full chip power distribution grid designs. PrimeSim Pro’s next-generation architecture can keep pace with the capacity needs of our advanced memory designs and enable us to meet our ambitious time-to-results targets.

Synopsys PrimeSim SPICE simulator’s next-generation architecture with unique GPU technology delivers significant performance improvements needed to perform comprehensive analysis for analog and RF design while meeting approval accuracy requirements.

“As modern compute workloads evolve, the size and complexity of analog designs have exceeded the capacity of traditional circuit simulators,” said Edward lee, vice president of Mixed Signal Design at NVIDIA. “Using NVIDIA GPUs allows PrimeSim SPICE to speed up circuit simulation, including minimizing the approval time for analog blocks from days to hours.”

“As design complexity increases with advanced process nodes, we are committed to supporting our common customers with innovative simulation technologies to reduce verification and analysis cycles,” said Jaehong Park, Executive Vice President and Head of Foundry Design Platform Development at Samsung Electronics. Synopsys PrimeSim Continuum with its unified workflow of advanced simulation engines delivered 10x the speed with golden SPICE precision using heterogeneous compute acceleration on our recent 56 Gbit Ethernet design, reducing verification efforts by days a few hours.

The PrimeSim Continuum solution integrates PrimeSim SPICE and PrimeSim Pro with the PrimeSim HSPICE simulator, the benchmark trust benchmark for IP and basic signal integrity and the PrimeSim XA simulator, the leading FastSPICE technology for SRAM and verification of mixed signals. PrimeWave provides a seamless experience by providing a consistent and flexible environment across all PrimeSim Continuum engines optimizing configuration, analysis, and design post-processing.

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