Sri Lanka set to aim for $ 5 billion in digital economy – ICTA Chief


The Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) will extend its fullest support to promote investment in technological development, the engine of economic growth, ICTA President Oshada Senanayake said at the meeting. the launch of the first neutral and high-density data center at Orion City IT Park. the week.

“ICTA and the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRCSL) will facilitate such investments and initiatives through policy measures the two institutions will propose to strengthen the infrastructure for technological growth,” Senanayake said.

The head of the government’s top ICT body said Sri Lanka has a tough and strong submarine cable, but has no legislation to protect it. He said Sri Lanka has been aiming for a digital economy of US $ 5 billion in the past five to six years, but has not yet reached that threshold. It is time for the industry to start hitting that number where we need to move from a service orientation to creating local products with Unicorn Companies.

Senanayake said the launch of Sri Lanka’s first operator neutral data center is part of an interesting paradigm shift that is already underway.

It’s great to see entrepreneurs step into this vital space and take on the challenge of building the vital infrastructure needed in Sri Lanka to unleash its true potential.

“We have continuously and aggressively invested in the next generation of technology, and today many of the critical components – including seven submarine cables that connect us to the rest of the world – are now in place for Sri Lanka to become one of the most attractive destinations for data hosting.

“However, we cannot afford to be complacent. Other SAARC countries are also making bold progress and we cannot afford to fall behind, ”he said.

In a big step forward in Sri Lanka’s rapid transformation to become a South Asian hub for IT and technology services, Digital Reality (Pvt) Ltd. launched the first operator neutral high density data center built to TIATier-3 standards and with a capacity of over 200 racks at Orion City IT Park, Colombo under the OrionStellar brand.

The new high-density data center is designed to deliver world-class services to meet the growing demand for computing power in Sri Lankan’s increasingly digital economy. It promises the highest energy efficiency and power density up to 15 kW per rack with a total power capacity of 1.5 MW.

“The launch of Sri Lanka’s first high-density and most energy-efficient data center and the impressive capabilities it offers represent a significant milestone in the development of the island’s IT infrastructure.

“It’s also an important step in our mission to radically simplify the challenges of digital infrastructure for local and regional businesses and dramatically improve the speed at which they do business,” said Rajendra Theagarajah, President of Digital Realty.

“Sri Lanka enjoys several natural and cultivated advantages of unique value that make it an ideal option for storing data securely and reliably on a large scale. Geographically, we are located just offshore of one of the largest emerging IT economies and close to key Asian markets, ”said Jeevan Gnanam, Founding Director of Orion City and Digital Realty, Managing Director.

“Our country also has exceptional IT talent and takes one of the region’s most proactive positions in IT and connected infrastructure. With our DC now online, we will be able to provide our customers with the best globally competitive services to accelerate their digitization journeys, streamline core infrastructure costs and establish higher levels of security and redundancy. high, while reducing energy costs and contributing towards a green and prosperous economy, ”said Gnanam.

The center has a power infrastructure with 2 UPS systems (N + 1) with 30 minutes battery runtime and a supported N + 1 generator system with 72 hour fuel tanks providing power supply reliable and uninterrupted.

Notably, the facility was also designed with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. As a result, OrionStellar guarantees the best power use efficiency (PUE) with a design PUE of 1.4. This will translate into energy savings for customers migrating their IT loads to OrionStellar. The facility also includes an offload bay ready to receive customer inventory for hosting and a staging area for testing equipment before entering the data room.

OrionStellar will support the rapidly increasing demand for computing power in an increasingly digital Sri Lankan economy and the region as a whole, with a focus on providing cost-effective data offshoring services for large enterprises regional.

The long-term business goal is to “simplify the challenges of the company’s digital infrastructure to accelerate digitization and growth,” according to OrionStellar COO, Nalaka W. Bandara, communications solutions specialist at enterprise and data centers.

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