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YOUJNO-SAKHALINSK, September 29. / TASS /. Russia must provide a safe environment for the circulation of reliable information on the Internet, this will help counter the destructive impact that many websites have on people, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said on Wednesday.

“The spread of nationalist ideology, inciting ethnic hatred and separatism on the Internet, remains a serious threat. Many websites, as well as social networks, are actively engaged in the manipulation of people, undermining basic moral and cultural norms of Russia, religious values, family traditions, inciting adolescents to suicidal behavior, involving them in the criminal subculture, ”Patrushev said at a meeting devoted to ensuring national security in the Russian Far East.

The head of the Security Council stressed the need to prevent the spread of extremist ideology on the Internet, using a wide range of computer tools for the benefit of preserving the cultural, historical, spiritual and moral values ​​of Russians. “There is a need to create a secure environment for the traffic of reliable information. Therefore, we must stimulate the development of Russia’s stable and secure information and telecommunications infrastructure, high-speed data transmission, national television and radio broadcasting, ”Patrushev noted.

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