Nigeria ID4D to Facilitate Digital ID Card Issuance for Persons Living with Disabilities

The Nigeria Digital Identification for Development (Nigeria ID4D) project is committed to creating an enabling environment for more people living with disabilities in Nigeria to have their biometric data captured for issuance of the national ID number, Vanguard writes. .

Nigeria ID4D is a project, co-funded by the World Bank, the European Investment Bank and the French Development Agency, to create a broad foundational digital ID ecosystem in the country. The goal is to issue 148 million NINs by 2024.

Speaking during a recent visit to the headquarters of the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD), Nigeria ID4D project coordinator Musa Solomon said his aim was to work towards making the digital ID space more inclusive Nigeria.

“The project had since identified NCPWD as an important ecosystem partner, hence this visit. The Nigeria Digital ID4D is interested in promoting the inclusion of marginalized groups as historically ID systems often lead to exclusion due to logistics and social stigma that can hinder the participation of women and people with disabilities,” Musa said, as quoted by Vanguard.

He said that as part of their plan, they are looking forward to setting up a mechanism that will consult with stakeholders from marginalized sociological groups to get their views on how to successfully bring them into the mainstream. melee.

“The objective of the project is to strengthen the foundational identification system and in doing so, improve national data protection, strengthen Nigeria’s digital economy and close the gaps in access to identification and related key services, while promoting the inclusion of marginalized groups, such as people living with disabilities, the rural poor, among others,” the outlet pointed out, quoting Musa.

James David Lalu, Executive Secretary of NCPWD, commended Nigeria ID4D for its efforts in addressing exclusion in the digital ID landscape in Nigeria, and highlighted that one of the biggest issues facing people disabilities is to get identified and verified whenever they seek public services.

“Identification is one of the main problems we encounter in accessing services. Again we started having people with fake disabilities in Nigeria. Collaborating with Nigeria Digital ID4D will help solve our problems, especially in the area of ​​identification and verification. We are very open to partnering with you,” Lalu said, according to Vanguard.

In 2020, a Nigerian project won the Mission Billion Challenge competition sponsored by the World Bank. The project titled ‘Identification for Inclusion’ highlighted the issues that prevent people with intellectual disabilities from obtaining a digital identity in Nigeria, and also offered what can be done to remedy the situation.

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