Mastercard – Forty percent of users plan to use digital currency for payments within the year



The credit card giant Mastercard has revealed some incredible statistics! In their latest survey, around 40% of those surveyed ‘ plan to use cryptocurrencies for payments over the next year! ”

It is according to a investigation called “Consumers’ appetite for digital payments takes off.” 67% of the participants in this questionnaire claimed they were more open to using cryptocurrency than they were a year ago.

The study reads as follows: “While consumer interest in cryptocurrency – particularly floating digital currencies such as bitcoin – is high, more efforts are needed to ensure consumer choice, protection and regulatory compliance.” the study reads.

Millennials are much more interested in cryptocurrency, with 77% completely engrossed in the need to learn more about digital currencies. Another 75% said they would “ use cryptography if they understood it better. ”

The corporate giant indicated that 93% of respondents would consider using at least one emerging payment method, including cryptocurrency, biometrics, contactless or QR codes.

These figures follow MasterCard’s big announcement in February that it would allow customers to make payments in certain cryptocurrencies on its network as early as this year.

The survey included more than 15,500 respondents from 18 countries in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Mastercard - Forty percent of users plan to use digital currency for payments in year 3

Craig Vosburg, chief product officer of Mastercard, said in a statement: “As we look to the future, we must continue to enable all choices, both in-store and online, to shape the fabric of commerce and make the digital economy work for everyone.”


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