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Nigeria looks forward to becoming one of the world’s leading economies, and ICT development is one of the strong pillars of the national plan to achieve this dream. To unlock Nigeria’s potential for industrialization and sustainable economic growth, and to ensure competitiveness in a global digital economy, the government has said it will take steps to digitalize the economy and make digitalization a key driver of national economic development strategies. The government will ensure that by 2025 the critical challenges of digitalization are met so that the sector can realize its potential for job creation and economic productivity. To achieve this, the federal government, in the The National Development Plan (NDP) 2021 to 2025, Volume 1, provides for investments of around N150 billion.

In addition, the government has stated that the The ICT sector is expected to facilitate the formation of up to $1 billion in private equity and private capital investments in digital infrastructure of approximately $40 billion.

The paper notes that despite recent improvements in the ICT sector in Nigeria, several challenges, including low funding and weak digital infrastructure, especially in non-commercial centers, have limited the potential for business value creation. Others are poor skills development due to the skills mismatch between academia and industry, resulting in a shortage of workers with digital skills; new risks associated with data privacy and cybersecurity challenges.(Source:

Thus, to create high-growth businesses, including unicorns, and to maximize job creation opportunities, the bricks of the digital economy are of strategic importance and priority.

To address the challenge of educating young people in Nigeria and help them acquire the skills necessary for careers in the burgeoning ICT industry, Aptech – A global education and training company is seeking strategic business partners to collaborate with.

Aptech and its brands contribute to the growth of both business partners and young people (students) who will become the workforce of tomorrow for the country. With more than three decades of expertise in the skills development sector, Aptech has contributed to the development of skilled workforce, which has resulted in job creation and job creation in many developing countries. development. To strengthen the IT industry with a skilled workforce in Nigeria, the company provides training expertise in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Application Development Web and mobile, server administration, network security, ethical hacking, cybersecurity and much more. through its brands – Aptech Computer Education (ACE) and Aptech Hardware & Networking Academy (AHNA). The company also owns a brand Multimedia Arena on the other hand, which today trains students for the media and entertainment industry in Nigeria.

Top 5 reasons to choose Aptech as your strategic partner to train young people to become job-ready professionals in the growing ICT industry in Nigeria:

  1. Aptech is a legacy brand with a proven business model

Aptech has been in the education industry for over 35 years and has provided quality education to over 7 million students around the world. Business understands the business and how it works. A proven business model that has held up through the ups and downs of the economy is a testament to Aptech’s business resilience.

  1. A global exposure with a presence in 40 countries

Aptech operates in 40 countries around the world including Nigeria, Egypt, India, Russia, Vietnam, Bahrain, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Qatar, Honduras and many more. others. This gives business partners the advantage of being globally relevant. The company has the expertise to support and conduct business globally, in all markets.

  1. Profitable income and huge returns on investment

Aptech has vision and business acumen that stand out in testing time to bring you profit and huge ROI. Many business partners have been associated with the company for over 2 decades now, reflecting the strong relationship the company has had. For example, partners in Vietnam and Qatar have been partners of the company since the year 2000 and are extremely satisfied with this association.

  1. Industry-tailored, job-focused curriculum

The success of the company depends heavily on the quality of its products and services. For an education/skills development company, it is crucial to ensure that the program is relevant to the industry. Additionally, Aptech offers employment-focused courses that prepare students for employment-relevant jobs. This is a driving factor for Aptech that increases enrollment and admissions, making it a scalable business model.

  1. Marketing, sales and operational support

Aptech understands that just building a business is not enough. For the business to run smoothly, it needs effective marketing, sales and operational functions. The company has set up support to train new entrants in these functions to ensure hassle-free operation.

Aptech has won several awards for excellence in delivering quality education across the globe. Some of our accolades include:

  • The Golden Peacock National Training Award (Dubai) in 2019
  • Best ICT award for 17 consecutive years in Vietnam
  • 2018 Brand of the Decade Award
  • Pioneer in Skilling Africa Award in 2016 and many more.

The ICT sector is growing faster than other economic sectors in Nigeria. In 2020, the sector grew by 12.9%, the only sector to register double-digit growth that year. Therefore, with a strategic business partner keen to start their entrepreneurial journey, collaboration with Aptech can unlock substantial job creation, expanding the pool of skilled talent and revenue generation opportunities.

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