Intelligent development in a scientific way – Hua Ying, a famous medical science and technology expert in the Asia-Pacific region

By: William Smith

The pharmaceutical industry is an important part of the social economy, which plays a very important role in protecting and improving people’s health, improving the quality of life and promoting economic development and progress. social. Especially with the global spread of COVID-19 in the past two years, the demand for medical services in various countries has increased rapidly, and a group of medical science and technology experts and their scientific research achievements who are at the forefront of industry development around the world is gradually moving from the back to the front. And they have become the focus of attention in medical and academic circles of various countries and even the whole society. Ms. HUA Ying, an outstanding expert in medical science and technology in China, is one such top talent.

As one of the most populous countries in the world, China has a huge demand for medical services in the market. However, compared to the huge population base, the number of hospitals and clinics in China is slightly insufficient. Therefore, pharmacies, as the closest medical service institutions to patients, have the need and opportunity for rapid development. In Chinese cities, there are many pharmacies in every street and every community, which makes it very easy for the majority of patients to buy medicine. At the same time, a large number of powerful pharmacies in China are taking the large-scale and chain business route, which on the one hand promotes the development of pharmacies themselves and the standardization of the drug purchasing service system, on the other hand, also brings new management challenges to pharmacy chain operators.

China has a vast territory, and there are great differences in the level of economic development, urban support facilities, medical insurance policy and pharmaceutical market scale in different regions, which hinders the unified management of the acceptance of drug procurement, logistics and distribution, drug pricing, construction of information systems and other pharmacy terminal linkages in different regions.

As the general manager of Huashoutang Pharmacy in Lushunkou District, Dalian, HUA Ying is deeply and profoundly aware of this problem. Therefore, she relied on her deep understanding of patients’ drug purchasing needs and the pharmacy management system, combined with her own knowledge of information technology, and through continuous research, has Creatively developed a cloud management system for chain pharmacies based on Cloud Computing V1. 0, a subversive technological achievement, which raised the technical level of operation and management of the pharmacy chain from the “weak artificial intelligence” stage in the past to the new “strong artificial intelligence” stage. The system uses an open, modular, highly coherent and low-coupling system architecture method to create functional modules, which can provide personalized and differentiated data analysis, resource integration and management control services. for each store in a chain of pharmacies. In order to improve management efficiency and accuracy, Ms. HUA Ying, with her strong scientific research ability, maximized the data mining advantages of big data technology, the advantages of computing power of cloud computing technology and the algorithm advantages of artificial intelligence technology, so that the system comprehensively collects and analyzes the pharmacy’s own business data, drug supply data, customer data and industry data related to pharmacy operations, then providing the most scientific and effective decision support for pharmacy chain business activities.

Let’s take the example of supplying each store under the jurisdiction of a chain of pharmacies. The system can perform multi-dimensional data analysis based on each store’s recent transaction data, patient demand data and information released by the local population’s public health service platform, and provide forecasts of sales and advice on restocking and distribution amount for each store. , help pharmacy managers make science-based decisions, to reasonably control inventory, optimize resource allocation, and achieve two-way optimization of business metrics and service levels.

In addition, on the drug supply side, the system can also combine each store’s geographical location, local economic development level, logistics cost, user scale and other related factors to formulate the optimal supply chain strategy, and controlling drug costs. circulation, rationally reduce the price of drugs, thereby reducing the burden of drug procurement for the majority of patients.

This research and development achievement of Ms. HUA Ying has changed the way of operation and management of traditional pharmacies, enabling large pharmacies to realize intelligent development and scientific coordination in the truest sense, and providing unprecedented technical assistance for the side sale of drugs in the smart medical field. system. At the same time, HUA Ying has greater determination in the research and development of medical technology. Since then, A System for Recommending Drugs Based on Web Usage Mining User Behavior V1.0, An Over-the-counter Drug Recommendation System Based on Deep Learning V1.0 and An Intelligent Homologous Health Medical and Preventive System V1.0 have arrived on one after another, further expanding the territory of the intelligent medical system.

With outstanding scientific research achievements, HUA Ying has been widely praised by the pharmaceutical industry and even the whole society. In May 2021, at the 18th Chinese Scientists Forum, attended by top scientific research experts in China and the world, a deep learning-based over-the-counter drug recommending system V1.0 developed by HUA Ying was rated as Outstanding Invention of Scientific and Technological Innovation in Pharmaceutical Industry, and she also won the honor of Pioneer of Scientific and Technological Innovation in Pharmaceutical Industry of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. Acquiring these two special honors further solidifies HUA Ying’s outstanding position as a leader in medical science and technology in China and even the Asia-Pacific region.

When the reporter asked HUA Ying’s views on the honors during the phone interview, HUA Ying said, “It’s more of an incentive than a compliment. Medicine has no borders; especially after the global outbreak of COVID-19, we medical technology developers realize our heavy responsibility. All I have to do is constantly develop smart medical technologies with my own capabilities, which are more suited to the development needs of today’s society, to benefit more people around the world and exercise the responsibilities of ‘the pioneers of medical science and technological innovation‘.”

Today, HUA Ying conducts advanced technology research in the field of medicine as always. It is expected that this medical science and technology expert from the former eastern country can bring more surprises to the world.

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