Government examines the feasibility of a digital technology park

The Cambodian government, through the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, is exploring the feasibility of establishing a digital technology park to attract tech companies to the country.

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During a seminar on “the feasibility of creating a digital technology park” via a virtual meeting, Chea Vandeth, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications (MPTC), said that the ministry, which is in charge of the digital sector, is keen to build a thriving digital economy.

Experience abroad has shown that the creation of digital technology parks can contribute to the development of the digital sector, attracting investment and human talent.

Ministry spokesman Ly Sovannarith said Khmer time that the digital technology park can be developed into an innovation and technology hub to boost manufacturing, services and trade through research and development.

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“During the seminar, the MPTC working group received contributions from leading ICT operators as well as local and overseas digital technology companies. In a next step, we will collect additional information, study techniques, conditions as well as standards, review requirements to develop a detailed master plan and search for potential investors,” he said.

He added that “some of the benefits of the digital technology industrial park include supporting local businesses looking to further develop their technology. It will also create new jobs for Cambodians. In addition, it encourages collaboration between the private and public sectors. It can also attract global companies and research institutes. Finally, it will provide the necessary infrastructure to promote the successful construction of the digital economy and society in the country in the near future.

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