Global launch of the first large-scale commercial blockchain

Newmarket, ON, March 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Metabit Eco-Chain, a high-performance blockchain platform based on large-scale commercial applications, was officially launched at 6 p.m. on March 18, 2022. Metabit was founded in March 2022 in Toronto, the most dynamic and innovative city in North America, with the aim of developing a large-scale, high-performance commercial blockchain platform with the best experts in academic research and blockchain technology.

With the arrival of the Metaverse in 2021, there is an urgent need for blockchain technology to advance in terms of performance, scalability, and business applications. The Metabit network is designed to be application-oriented and to benefit the environment. It focuses on the development of general and universal business applications and the formation of an ecology on the basis of providing a strong, secure and autonomous blockchain mining network.

The MetaBit network combines smart contracts and the MetaBit application to create a more general DAPP to meet the needs of a more general and general decentralized trading system. It focuses on the development of general and universal business applications and the formation of an ecology on the basis of providing a strong, secure and autonomous blockchain mining network. Based on this concept, MetaBit Network combined EVM to create the Metabit application, which addresses the limitations of smart contracts, such as the inability to implement complex functions and the lack of external interaction capabilities.

The current transformation of new digital technologies is accelerating the technological and commercial transformation of the entire business society. Emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, 5G, artificial intelligence and blockchain permeate all sectors of the economy and society; at the same time, digital assets, such as DAOs, are gaining traction.

The proliferation of species such as Defi, Web3.0 and others have all directly contributed to the revamping of various production factors in the metaverse world. After a thorough research and development process, Metabit was officially released at such a historic time.

Metabit’s overall design consists of three layers: Metabit Network, MetabitAPP and Metabit System. Modular structure, open application, virtual overlay, accounts, consensus, etc. all reflect the overall concept of technological innovation. It is capable of performing second-level transaction processing and customizing transaction costs. The new cross-chain technology is also one of Metabit’s main selling points.

Metabit has built a very rich ecosystem as a technology empowerment platform supporting large-scale business applications, including Metaverse community platform, NFT digital authentication platform, Metabit game, the general points platform, the payment platform, the development platform, etc.

Metabit’s goal is to build a large-scale commercial high-performance blockchain green platform based on modern cryptography, communication technology and distributed computing, as well as to design the MetaBit application and the MetaBit system of innovative way, supporting decentralized finance, social media, and e-commerce, as well as search, storage, metaverse, and other applications.

Metabit is dedicated to entering a new metaverse world with you with the good intention of serving everyone. Its community governance emphasizes the concepts of equality, openness and transparency, allowing the entire community to jointly hold resources. Website:

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