Dell Technologies: Dell Technologies India Achieves Two Consecutive Quarters Of Record Growth This Year

Dell Technologies India has had two consecutive quarters of record growth this year and demand remains high in the country, said Alok Ohrie, president and CEO.

Dell has experienced healthy growth across all of its business units in India, he said.

“Technology is playing a critical role in the global economic recovery and we continue to see demand increase in India,” Ohrie said.

Customers, he said, are focused on building an IT infrastructure that can help them maintain business continuity and transform workspaces. They are also using digital as they search for new ways to reach and serve their customers. They move towards customer focus and deliver successful and predictable business results, he added.

The US-based company reported revenue of $ 26.1 billion, up 15% in the second quarter of the current fiscal year. Operating income was $ 1.4 billion, up 21%.

Dell does not provide country specific data for India. He said national performance was similar to global trends.


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“We are accelerating our push to market with IT as a service and Cloud infrastructure as a service and our global Apex project, and this gives us important opportunities to engage with customers who are trying to transform their businesses. on the digital front, ”said Ohrie. .

There were currently clear trends in the market.

Customers are looking to better manage their data and are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning for better insights and to make real-time decisions based on that data, he said.

To prepare for the resiliency and robustness of the services they can offer and to scale their operations, customers are considering multi-cloud as a new cloud architecture.

With the rollout of 5G, new services will come into play and edge computing will take off, with an additional layer of cybersecurity, he added.

India was a big target market for Dell and was home to its second largest workforce after the United States, Ohrie said.

The company will continue to hire in the country, he said, without sharing specific figures.

Dell’s data center solutions and other infrastructure products are in demand as companies explore various ways to use technology to transform the business and adopt new models to configure and scale up their infrastructure, a- he declared.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made companies realize that employees need to be productive wherever they are.

This workforce transformation is also driving demand for Dell, Ohrie said.

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