Bosch Global Software Technologies to hire 3,000 people in Pune

Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW), formerly known as Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, plans to hire 3,000 people at its new center in Pune, which will begin operations this month. The company plans to hire 1,500 people in the first year of operations and will focus on delivering global projects. By 2023, the company aims to create connected automotive and digital products and solutions from Pune, expanding its employee base in the city to 3,000 professionals by 2025.

The company aims to establish Centers of Excellence (CoEs) specializing in Industry 4.0, AI, ML, IoT and Cybersecurity at the advanced center in Pune. This will be a crucial step in the company’s journey towards an innovation-driven digital transformation, said Dattatri Salagame, CEO, President and Managing Director of BGSW.

“Pune is an established and thriving market for IT and mobility solutions, as well as a thriving startup ecosystem with over 3,200 upcoming startups. As India’s automotive city, Pune also offers the added benefit of bringing BGSW’s R&D facilities and services closer to our automotive customers and enables us to partner with them to further innovate. Pune’s strong startup ecosystem is fertile ground for Bosch to collaborate and create solutions for the future. At the same time, its world-class engineering institutes and universities provide an added advantage to the business,” said Amit Kumar Srivastava, Head of Centre, Pune, BGSW. The company will build CoEs for conventional powertrain, automotive steering, e-mobility, cross-domain computing (ADAS, autonomous driving), active and passive safety, digital cockpit systems, Srivastava said.

The company will work with top universities to recruit talent and expand its presence in India. This is part of the company’s future-proofing strategy to develop a highly skilled and future-ready workforce. The company plans to recruit engineers in electronics and communication engineering, computer science, mechatronics engineering and instrumentation.

BGSW is Bosch’s largest software and technology center outside of Germany and a 100% subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. It is headquartered in Bangalore and is now expanding to Pune.

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