Are women in communication moving towards the gig economy?

Women wear many hats in their personal lives. They play the role of a daughter, wife, mother, sister, friend and many more. They are naturally wired to treat each relationship in a different way; they vary their perspective and expressions depending on the role. Essentially, they beat based on the ball thrown at them. It also helps them excel in communication. According to a study, women speak 3 times more than men. Even science supports the fact that women are better communicators than men. A study suggests that women have more cells customized to understand and process language than men.

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In other words, women are genetically gifted to succeed in the marketing and communications industry. Also, with gender diversity becoming more aggressive in organizations, more and more women are being encouraged to enter this industry. Research has already shown that a company achieves optimal growth when there is a gender balance in teams and also in senior management.

Nonetheless, marketing and communications is a tough industry for women; the main reason being the crazy hours involved. It becomes difficult for women to maintain a good work-life balance. Therefore, they tend to quit in the middle of their career. Their first inclination is to give the best of themselves to their family. And in doing so, they give up climbing to the top of the corporate ladder. However, whenever there are problems, solutions follow.

The gig economy is the right solution for women

Although the gig economy has always been there, it has received a serious boost during the pandemic period. With working online, companies closing physical offices and even downsizing, women have either quit their jobs or been laid off. This pushed them towards the concert model where they had more independence and flexibility. They could manage their time better and undertake several interesting projects. They had a better variety of jobs and even better paid if they knew how to juggle their projects well. And moreover, they could also give due attention to their home and family.

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Jobs in social media marketing, web design, SEO, and content writing are already a big part of the gig economy, and their numbers can only grow. According to a report by ASSOCHAM, the gig economy is on the verge of huge growth; is expected to reach US$455 billion at a CAGR of 17% by 2024. And certainly, women in communications will have an important role to play there.

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