5.5G is the only way to upgrade from 5G to 6G: Huawei

Huawei Hunan branch has officially moved to Malanshan, Changsha. According to the latest report, the cooperation will now perform all its actions on the new platform. For example, product research and development, business innovation, sales, technologies, services, etc.

Hunan Jingcheng is an R&D-based enterprise, which manufactures applications of various rare materials and their binary compounds. It also has several links with technology-related cooperations, research institutes, etc.

The reason for this change is that Huawei wants to expand its business to all corners of the world. Therefore, in the first half of this year, the Chinese manufacturer achieved sales of 301.6 billion yuan. [43.5 billion USD].

In this revenue share, the operator’s business income was 142.7 billion yuan [20.6 billion USD]the company’s business income was 54.7 [7.89 billion USD] billion yuan, and the terminal enterprise income was 101.3 billion yuan [14.6 billion USD].

So, to actively grasp the development trend of digitalization, the company has tried to change things to some extent. Let’s see how Huawei Hunan branch will continue to grow in Malanshan, Changsha.

Product research, business innovation, sales and service – three big areas!

Starting from the bottom, the Changsha Research Institute will partner with Huawei headquarters to focus on the concept of research and development. He will work on cloud computing, innovation, artificial intelligence, enterprise software and the HarmonyOS system to develop new products and solutions.

In addition, Huawei will continue its steps towards visual works. For example, audio and video industry, smart industry, smart city, government cloud, software development, and digital energy. Ultimately, these initiations will help in promoting the market.

Finally, Huawei will provide sales and services to large consumers in Hunan. Such as public companies, operators and consumers. Ultimately, this step will help Hunan customers gain more knowledge about digital transformation.

Huawei believes that these small actions will help Hunan establish the field of digitization. Also, it will be able to approach more users with these capabilities and efforts in Changsha.

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