Self-employed credit – Which loan?

Especially in the event of financial bottlenecks, the self-employed must also be able to rely on a reputable partner who works quickly, efficiently and for your benefit. With a loan for the self-employed, you have the opportunity to free yourself from precarious situations. With flexible rates and low interest rates, our loans are the ideal basis for a solid start-up phase, but also for long-standing companies that need short-term financial resources.

The decision to become self-employed is always a risk. Both financially and privately, starting a business can quickly use up your resources. A loan that at least provides financial security is therefore not uncommon. But what if it has to be increased after a while because you have to enlarge your company? In such cases, banks often question your creditworthiness, since you can offer only a few additional securities as a self-employed person. The credit bureau entry that arises from the loan that is still running is usually responsible for ensuring that your creditworthiness suffers in the eyes of the banks. We therefore do not obtain credit bureau information and grant loans to the self-employed without these hurdles. After all, the self-employed are the backbone of a functioning economy and should therefore also be supported.

We do the same for freelancers. While the self-employed can appear as a company in banks, this is not possible with many freelancers. Personal loans are recommended here. Variable conditions enable you to choose the best offer for your tailor-made loan and to arrange the financing according to your ideas. Low interest rates and a variably selectable term are just two factors.

Which loan can it be?

Which loan can it be?

As an applicant, you are usually at a disadvantage. But with our loans you dictate the terms. You will only be presented with offers that meet your requirements according to the loan application. Because self-employed entrepreneurs know best what characteristics a loan should have for you. Loan amount, term and interest rate are the criteria that determine your regular installments – or the repayment chosen in another mode. This is also flexible data for the self-employed, which can be changed according to your ideas until your personal desired loan arises. Choose between the following types of credit:

  • Personal loans
  • balloon loan
  • car loan
  • installment loan

Depending on what you want to use your loan for, there are different options that the self-employed and freelancers can choose. The loan application is at the beginning of the path. Here you enter your wishes and requirements, but also your guarantees. The age of majority, a permanent residence and a regular income already fulfill the last point. Nothing stands in the way of your loan application.

After a brief review, we immediately start negotiations with a large number of banks and credit institutions. The best offers and cheapest interest will be filtered out of the negotiations and sent to you by post. So you can conduct a personal loan comparison and choose the loan that suits you. Whether you only need a small sum of, for example, 1,000 USD or up to 75,000 USD: the loan tailored to you is just a click away.

Self-employed but not creditworthy? Not with us

Self-employed but not creditworthy? Not with us

Discretion, fast processing and immediate payment. These are the qualities that students, professionals, the self-employed, freelancers and even pensioners can expect from us. As a borrower, you have the strings in our hands and determine which loan offer you would like to accept. We have a broad network of contacts with credit institutions and other lenders throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and some other European countries. This enables us to meet all of your credit requirements. A loan without credit bureau information can therefore be realized just as easily as a loan for building finance. You can also choose the duration, of course the loan amount and the option of repaying the loan in installments.

Debt restructuring with low interest rates is also a way for self-employed people to use their money. In this way, you can quickly and easily replace an existing loan whose rates ultimately became too high or whose term was ultimately too short. Rate protection and low interest rates are also advantages for the self-employed and freelancers that are worth using. So make your loan application now and secure these advantages by cheaply financing your next steps.